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Department 56 Dickens Village

Department 56 Display Contest
Showcase on November 4, 2017


Put your imagination to work, and win fabulous prizes at Millie's! For over six years, Millie's has partnered with Showcase Displays to bring you a series of display seminars, and now it's time to show off what you've learned. Millie's will be hosting a display contest, during which you can showcase the results of your creativity and skills. 


    Contest Rules: 


* Please pick up and fill out an entry form at Millie's Hallmark. Entry forms are due by
   the end of business on October 1, 2017.


* Display must be multi-level using one of the following: an overhang or cave, waterfall 
   or a contextual prop (ex: book, teapot, Jack Daniels bottle, rusty chain, etc.).

* Each display cannot exceed 24" X 24" but does not have to be square.

* Each display must have at least 2 Department 56 buildings, 1 lit accessory and 1 non-lit

* Display must be completed prior to November 4, 2017 and transported to Millie's by
   the entrant.

* Power will be supplied to your vignette via a single extension cord with one female 120V
   outlet. You are responsible for distributing this power to your buildings and accessories
   within your display.   


There will be several categories in which an entered display may compete 

for a prize, but each display will be eligible for one prize only - if a group
of people collaborate on a winning display, only one prize will be given,
and the group may divide the prize at their own discretion.


If you have any questions, please contact Joni at 480-893-3777, or email
her at joni.p@millieshallmark.com


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