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  • Melinda Seegers on 2017-Jun-19 20:11:15 Melinda Seegers said

    Great job, Pete! Especially for those unable to be there in person!
  • Bill Channell on 2017-Jun-20 22:46:29 Bill Channell said

    Thanks so much for sharing these photos. Looks like a good time was had by all.
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    Twenty-five years after the sheriff’s deputy approached Thurman, Ryan came looking for Thurman on Jan. 7. Ryan walked from his glass-encased office to Thurman’s space and entered through the open door. Ryan informed Thurman of his promotion.
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    PKP Cargo, which trails Deutsche Bahn in terms ofgoods carried on Europe's railways, set the price range at 59 to74 zlotys per share, valuing the share offer at up to 1.6billion zlotys ($518 million) and the company at up to 3.2billion.
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    All three cases involved teenage boys, two of them aged 15 and one 14. They each built the blowguns from instructions found online. The researchers took to the Web and came across more than 20 sites with instructions for making a blowgun.
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  • Woodrow on 2019-May-18 00:26:46 Woodrow said

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