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NCC Masthead

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Officers and Board of Directors
NCC Executive Board Members
Co-President / Past President

Sue Chretien

Sue Chretien Sue is a past president of the Southwest Villagers in Arizona and has served as the editor of the NCC Club Connection. She loves collecting Department 56 and is known for her “anytime” vignettes.
Co-President / Past President

Richard Puckett

Richard Richard is a founding member of the Magnolia 56ers in Jackson, Mississippi. He has served the NCC in several capacities over the years. As an avid collector of over 35 years, Richard is recognized as one of the foremost archivists of Department 56 collectibles. He is also the Author of the 4th Edition of Village D-tails.
Vice President

Brandon Taylor

Brandon has been collecting since he was 9. Almost 26 years later his passion is still growing. Brandon has served the Arkansas Villagers in many capacities, including having the pleasure of serving as president for the past ten years. Brandon has written for the Village D-Lights and is currently a contributor to the NCC Club Connection.

Scott McKevitt

Scott McKevitt Scott has been collecting Department 56 since 2000 and later joined The Heritage Treasures Collectors Club of Long Island in 2010.  He has served as NCC Club Representative and currently serves as vice president of the club.

Martha Jack

Martha Jack Martha is a Past President of the Trillium Village Collectors Club in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is their current NCC rep. Martha is also the Secretary and NCC rep of a new club, the Georgian Bay Villagers in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. My husband, Barry, and I have been collectors of D56 for almost 30 years. Our collections include Halloween, Dickens, North Pole, Christmas in the City and many bits of other collections including Harry Potter and Jack Daniels. Over the past year, we have also started doing some rehabbing of some pieces we no longer display and truly enjoy the adventure of creating something new to us!!!! We have enjoyed attending many gatherings, and meeting so many fellow collectors. We have used many of the ideas presented in the seminars in both our large displays and the ever more frequent vignettes! Barry and I were Collectors of the Year in 2018, much to our great surprise and absolute delight!

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NCC Regional Representatives
Region 1

Canada -
Prince Edward Island,
Newfoundland, Labrador,
Nova Scotia, Quebec,
New Brunswick

Linda Di Tomasso

Linda Di Tomasso
President of the Lamplighters in Montreal Canada for a second term, Linda has been collecting for over 20 years. She enjoys sharing her love of architecture through the many buildings which inspired her to write on the subject for her club’s newsletter and even for Village D-Lights. She is relentless when sharing her passion. Her goal is to bring a smile with her many creations. Her new love is using plaster which is part of her many villages throughout her home which she shares with her husband Pierre, the club’s cook & technical support.
Region 2

Canada - Ontario

Jeff Kirchner

I been an avid collector of Department 56 since the late 1980’s collecting from most of the core villages. Seeing the detailed houses in a store window front for the holidays got me hooked. My love for Christmas began as a small boy where my parents and Grand Parents always had their homes overly decorated for the holidays. The Village buildings of the village underneath the Christmas tree at my Grandparents house with the trains my grandfather would display for the holidays. I have been a member of several clubs through out the country and have served in several leadership positions. I currently live in NJ and serve as President of the Garden State Village Collectors. I have attended numerous Village Gatherings, and have volunteered at many of them. I have developed relationships with local and National Department 56 Representatives.

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Region 3


Michael Tolson

Michael Tolson
Michael began collecting D56 in 1993 with Nantucket Renovation. He and his wife, Rachel, are Charter Members of the Old North State Villagers, in Greensboro, NC, where he has served as Club President. Michael also served as Region 3 Rep quite a few years ago. Residing in Thomasville, Michael has an extensive Dickens Village display, which has been featured in the local newspaper and also on a segment of "Roy's Folks" on Fox 8, a local television station. He also has many Snow Village, Christmas in the City, North Pole and Halloween pieces, not to mention his wife's Snowbaby collection.
Region 4


Thelma McKenzie

Thelma McKenzie
Thelma has been collecting D56 items since she started with the Dickens’ Village “Original 7” in 1985. Over the years she added items from various figurine lines and many pieces from all other villages. While active in two Illinois clubs, she served as the NCC Region 5 Rep for two terms. She currently is a member of two Florida clubs and an Internet club. Having attended 36 gatherings since 1992 and numerous other D56 related events, she treasures the friends she has made from one coast to the other.
Region 5


Ellen Somerwill

Ellen Sommerwill
Ellen has served as vice president and NCC Club Representative for the Queen City Villagers in Cincinnati.  She has been collecting Department 56 collectibles for over 30 years.  In 2012 she was awarded Department 56 "Collector of the Year" award.
Region 6

Canada - Manitoba

Debbie Oehme

Debbie Oehme
I bought my first Alpine Village piece because it reminded me of our travels to Bavaria. At the Dept 56 25th Anniversary gathering in St Paul, I realized this wasn’t just a cute ceramic house, it was the beginning of an addiction. I got connected with the Northern Lights Collectors Club, and gleefully expanded my collection. I’ve held the club positions of President, Secretary, Newsletter Editor, and Club NCC Rep.
Region 7


Billy Edwards

Billy Edwards
Billy bought his first three Snow Village pieces after Christmas in 1989 to go with two old Marx 027 gauge electric trains from his childhood. He now collects all villages and anything else with a Department 56 label. He and Sharon attended the Bachman Gatherings starting in 1992. They joined the Oklahoma Village Collectors Club in Tulsa in 1992. Then after attending a NCC seminar in 1993 at Bachman's, he came home and started the Air Cap 56ers a week later in Wichita. He has served as its President, NCC Representative, and Newsletter Editor. He was active on the *Prodigy Dept 56 online Bulletin Board and helped set up its first chat session. He served as the first NCC Region 7 Representative, and again from 2012-2015. He enjoys the "hunt" and plans trips and vacations around Dept. 56 dealers.
Region 8


Dan Crossland

Dan, first and foremost, is an avid collector of Snow Village Halloween. Since the purchase of Grimsley Manor in 1999 he has amassed a substantial collection. Not only is his collection large but his displays are equally sizable. He has been a member of the Oklahoma Village Collectors Club since 2009 when he was “discovered” by fellow members at the San Antonio Gathering. Dan has served as President of the OVCC since 2016 and is currently also the NCC representative.
Region 9

Canada - Alberta,
British Columbia,

Julie Jacky

Julie is currently the president of the Windy City 56'ers and a member of the Ducky 56'ers.  She has served as chair /co-chair of the three Chicago Gatherings.  Julie and her husband have been collecting Department 56 Villages since 1985.
Region 10


Rosie Hurtado

Rosie Hurtado
I been collecting for a little over 30 years. I am a wife, mother of 5, grandmother and a Child Day Care specialist. I run a 24 hour Day Care facility for children up to 13 years old. Due to covid19 we are servicing children of Essential families only. I work with the State of California First 5 and Impact families. I also have 17 years of Fraud Investigations prior to running my Day Care. My passion and obsession are coffee, family and Small porcelain Villages. I adore small building and accessories that help create something fun and amazing. My small town displays are riddled with of much color, fantasy and fun. They fill my Daycare children's eyes and minds with whimsical adventures. My displays take me back to my childhood memories of playing with little houses and dolls. They provide me with stress release, feeling of nostalgia and happiness. I am honored to have been chosen as NCC Regional Representative and plan on being the best I can be for my Region.
International Regional Representative
Maddie Pimenta

Michele Brown
Maddie has served the North Shore Village Association of Massachusetts in various capacities from president, Club NCC Club Representative, Membership Secretary and Editor of their club newsletter.  She worked on the committee that put together the Northeast Harvest Gathering in Connecticut.  She has been a Department. 56 collector for over 20 years.
NCC / Department 56 Liaison
Melinda Seegers

Department 56 Consumer Services


Melinda is affectionately known by collectors and Department 56 as MS LIT TOWN. Her depth of product knowledge along with her undying commitment to collectors  and clubs holds her in the highest esteem by all that know her.

Melinda is a devoted grandmother and quilter.  Her likeness has been featured in several accessories including this year’s Ms Quilt Town.

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Ms Quilt Town

NCC Advisory Council

Tom Iacoviello

Tom Tom belongs to the Northern Lights Collectors Club and started collecting while his family was vacationing in Orlando in 1986 and they spotted a D56 display at the Disney Christmas store. He was hooked from that point on. His first pieces were the Snow Village Cumberland House and Snow Village Cathedral and favorite building is the St. Paul's Cathedral. When not collecting he’s an IT Project Manager and loves playing bridge, he could play all day every day if he could. He joined the Northern Lights Collectors Club just before the 2001 D56 25th Anniversary Gala. Before then he wasn't even aware that there were collector clubs. Tom has previously served as Club President, Club Treasurer, NCC Club Rep, NCC Regional Rep (4 years) and NCC Treasurer (4 years).
NCC Club Connection Editor

Judy Severance

Judy Severance The editor of the Club Connection is responsible for the overall content, layout, design and distribution of the NCC’s official publication
Social Media Coordinator

Pete Baer

Pete and his wife Trudi have been collecting Department 56 for 31 years. He was the president of the Mid-Atlantic Village Gathering (MAVG) gatherings for the 2003, 2005 and the 2007 gatherings and was the chair of the 2001 gathering. He has served as the treasurer of his local club, the Annapolis Villagers since 1996.
New Club Liaison

Nancy Mattson

Nancy Mattson

The New Club Liaison works with inquiries into forming a new club. They follow up on leads, provide assistance with information and support necessary to get the club organized. They also work closely with the interested individuals and the Regional Representative for that area ensuring that the Regional Representative is kept informed on how the new club is progressing. The New Club Liaison works with and mentors the new club for approximately a year as they work through their initial organization, adoption of bylaws until the dedicated assistance is no longer necessary.

Membership Chair

Anna McPherson

The Membership Chair is responsible for providing assistance and support for the clubs in building their membership. The Membership Chair, with NCC Board input, creates a sustainable plan for member management, retention, and recruitment. They promote membership growth, both through the NCC Club Connection, the various Facebook pages, directly to clubs and other means throughout the year. They provide quarterly membership reports at NCC board meetings, and at a date/time/location agreed upon by the NCC Board (such as a gathering) present the incentives to the winners. The Membership Chair also works in concert with the New Club Liaison in recruitment for new clubs.

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Associate Member Coordinator

Brandon Taylor

The Associate Member Coordinator is responsible for recruiting and communicating with those entities who are Department 56 dealers or are engaged in selling items directly related to the collecting of Department 56 products.
NCC Honorary Members
Jack Skeels

Jack Skeels
As a club member and passionate collector, Jack Skeels conceived the idea of the National Council of 56 Clubs while attending a Bachman’s collector gathering in Minnesota. He envisioned a means by which all of the Department 56 collector clubs could come together and share their collective thoughts and ideas for club growth, meetings and future gatherings. Sadly, Jack died in 2005 but the NCC continues to thrive as he had dreamed.
Judith Price

Judith Price
Until her retirement in 2004, Judith Price served for many years as the Manager of Consumer Services at Department 56. As MS LIT TOWN, Judith brought the company to collectors through her attendance at countless collector gatherings, club meetings and retailer events throughout the United States and Canada. Today, Judith enjoys her retirement with her husband and family.
Paul Bachman

Paul Bachman
Paul Bachman is considered the “Father of Department 56 Collector Gatherings.” When the company saw the overwhelming response to the new villages and retirements, it became evident to Paul that somehow collectors needed to come together. From 1989, until 1999, Bachman’s hosted annual gatherings in the Minneapolis area for collectors. Today, Paul serves as president of Bachman’s.  
Peter and Jeanne George

Peter George Jeanne George 
As avid collectors and the former publishers of numerous Department 56 related publications, including Greenbook and The Village Chronicle, Peter & Jeanne George fanned the collector flame and left an indelible mark in the hearts of Department 56 collectors to this day.  Today, Peter is a very sought after motivational speaker and Jeanne operates a successful bookkeeping agency. 
Notable Figures
Ed Bazinet Ed Bazinet The NCC would like to acknowledge the passing of Department 56 Founder Ed Bazinet. Ed was the driving force behind the company’s early success and its long history. His vision and inspiration for the Villages has touched the lives of countless individuals and families as well as set in motion family traditions that will continue to be shared for many years to come. .
Collector of the year

The NCC Collector(s) of the Year shall be:
  • A member or a couple of an NCC member club for at least five years.
  • Is/are positive in thought, word and act, who positively promotes their club, the NCC and Department 56.
  • Is/are one(s) who encourages others in collecting.
  • Is/are one(s) who gives of their time with their club, with other clubs and with the NCC
    • Note - the size and scope of their personal collection should not be the main component. This award is given from the heart and therefore should incorporate the giving heart of the collector(s) who is/are chosen.
  • Previous NCC Collectors of the Year are not eligible.
  • Is/are one(s) who volunteer time for club activities
  • Is/are one(s) who actively seek out ways to find new members whether it be for their own club, another club, or the NCC.

2018 Collectors of the year
Martha and Barry Jack, and Julie Jacky
Martha and Barry Jack, and Julie Jacky
2017 Collector of the year
Debbie Shelgren
NCC President's Award

The NCC President's Award is a milestone award that will be presented annually, beginning with the organization’s 25th Anniversary. The award shall have a broad reach in an effort to recognize an individual, individuals or entity who through their selfless actions have left a permanent and positive imprint on the National Council of 56 Clubs, its Member Clubs and Department 56 collecting. Recipients may include Department 56 employees, NCC officers, Clubs, individual collector(s), Associate Members, retailers and the like. The award(s) shall be presented, publicly, at the gathering of the sitting President's choice.

2018 President's Awards
2018 Presidents award 1
The first award was to Brian and Spencer Young of our esteemed Associate Member, City Lights. City Lights Collectibles has been an Associate Member with the National Council of 56 Clubs since the beginning, and they have promoted and given prizes to many Gatherings over the past 26 years.
2018 Presidents award 2
The second award was to the Lemon Drop Committee of the Village Idiots, specifically Ellen and Hal Beighley, Fae Gimbol, Adrienne Masin, Andy MacTarnahan, and Lynn and Dick Nichols. This committee was born of two simple questions: How could they liberate their Department 56 pieces from their Styrofoam sleeping chambers, and how could they spend more time together in between the Village Idiots meetings? The answer was a small group of friends and some forgotten kids in need of a smile at St. Mary’s Home for Boys—a 130-year-old organization dedicated to caring for the most damaged, disturbed, and troubled young men in Oregon. They are using their little houses to make a little difference in the lives of a few kids who may feel forgotten, and making sure they know they’re remembered. The NCC is very proud of these recipients.
2017 President's Awards
Seegers McGowan
Melinda Seegers - Department 56 Harry and June McGowan - Dept. 56 Retirees