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Collector of the Year

The NCC Collector(s) of the Year shall be:
  • A member or a couple of an NCC member club for at least five years.
  • Is/are positive in thought, word and act, who positively promotes their club, the NCC and Department 56.
  • Is/are one(s) who encourages others in collecting.
  • Is/are one(s) who gives of their time with their club, with other clubs and with the NCC
    • Note - the size and scope of their personal collection should not be the main component. This award is given from the heart and therefore should incorporate the giving heart of the collector(s) who is/are chosen.
  • Previous NCC Collectors of the Year are not eligible.
  • Is/are one(s) who volunteer time for club activities
  • Is/are one(s) who actively seek out ways to find new members whether it be for their own club, another club, or the NCC.

2023 Collector of the year
Chad Harmon
Chad Harmon (right) with his wife.

2022 Collector of the year
Billy Edwards
Billy Edwards (right) with Brandon Taylor.

2020 Collector of the year
Robin Hervey
Robin Hervey (right) with club member Patrick.

2019 Collector of the year
Group Mike Goode
Mike Goode, third from the left, and the other nominees                                                                                   Mike Goode

2018 Collectors of the year
Barry and Martha Jack, and Julie Jacky

2017 Collector of the year
Debbie Shelgren