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NCC Masthead

NCC Exclusive Pieces

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Lit Buildings
     In August 1998, the first in series of exclusive pieces designed for the NCC was unveiled by Department 56 President Susan Engel at a special reception at One Village Place. The NCC Collector’s Clubhouse is a set of two featuring a yellow clapboard house with a 3D interior village scene and the coordinating accessory On The Way To The Meeting. The couples are portrayed Carrying a covered dish and authentic reproductions of product bags made available to retailers. To the left of the piece is a blank white sign that was made to display customized club and NCC logos. Several pieces are known to be signed by Susan Engel, Original Snow Village Artist Scott Enter and other Department 56 personalities and artists. A coordinating pin was also released for these pieces.
NCC Collector’s Clubhouse & the On The Way To The Meeting accessory

     In August 2001 Jack’s Umbrella Shop was unveiled by MS LIT TOWN, Judith Price. This porcelain piece was designed as a tribute to the contributions of Jack Skeels who was instrumental in the formation of the NCC as an umbrella organization for clubs. The building features many exterior 3D elements as well as a sign bearing the official logo of the NCC at the time and another with the year the organization was established. This set of two also features the coordinating accessory Is It Raining? Many pieces were signed by Jack prior to his death in and are very sought after by collectors. Coordinating pins were also released for these pieces.

Jack’s Umbrella Shop & the Is It Raining? accessory

The NCC Traders Pin Shop was announced in 2008 at the NCC National Convention. This multi-story porcelain building features attached sisal trees and special signage. The piece commemorates club and event pint trading that has been popular with collectors through over the years. Coordinating pin was also released for this piece.
The NCC Traders Pin Shop

Yellow umbrella           Silver umbrella

Green umbrella              Red umbrella

Blue umbrella
March, 2000 - unveiling of first exclusive NCC yellow color, "Under the NCC Umbrella" accessory at California Gold Gathering, Irvine, CA.

June, 2000 - Debut of green "Under the NCC Umbrella" accessory at TGIF, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
The new red "Under the NCC Umbrella" accessory piece premiered at the International Collectible Exposition, Rosemont, IL. NCC Nightclub event held in Rosemont.

March, 2001 - The fourth NCC exclusive blue "Under the NCC Umbrella" accessory piece was introduced at MAVG, Williamsburg, VA.

August, 2001 - The final color silver, "Under the NCC Umbrella" accessory was introduced at the Department 56 Silver Anniversary Celebration, St. Paul, MN.

July 2005 - “Ed, the NCC Snowman” is made of porcelain holding an umbrella with all the colors of the prior NCC umbrella pieces (red, yellow, blue, green & silver) as well as the Department 56 and NCC logos. This is the 8th NCC Member Exclusive piece developed by Department 56 for the members of NCC member clubs and is named after Ed Bazinet, the founder of Department 56.
Ed, the NCC Snowman

"Snowflake", the NCC Snowgirl
"Snowflake", the NCC Snowgirl

2008 Convention pieces
  The North Pole Motorcycle
  The Village Lamplighter
Snow Village Welcome Home

NCC 2017 25th Silver Rush Exclusive Pieces
These are the accessories for the gathering, along with the NCC Club House (and it’s coordinating accessory). The new accessory “Commemorating Our Anniversary” pictured on the left, and the NCC Clock pictured on the right.


  As you may know, Department 56 has produced two very limited, exclusive designs for us to mark this milestone. “Commemorating Our Anniversary,” inspired by Region 8 Rep Brandon Taylor, features a couple carrying a silver anniversary clock and an umbrella. This accessory is has been created in painstaking detail to compliment the previous accessories offered by the NCC. It, also is ideal for display in your village scene.

The “NCC 25th Anniversary Clock” is painted with an exclusive platinum paint, hand chosen for us by Department 56 Creative Director Rick Jackson. The clock face is set at “5 to 6” and has NCC on one side and the dates 1992-2017 on the opposite side. It, too, will be a spectacular addition to any village display

Found by Kai Costerd on Ebay