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Qualification for Membership

Is your club interested in joining the NCC?
Then you have come to the right place!

Membership Club Qualifications per the NCC Bylaws
  According to the National Council of 56 Clubs Constitution and Bylaws amended on November 15, 2005, the following criteria must be met to apply for membership by the club:

There shall be three categories of Membership: Club, Associate and Honorary.
  1. Club Membership is available to all Clubs that are organized for the purpose of promoting an interest in collecting Department 56 houses and collectibles.

  2. Associate Membership is available to retailers, secondary dealers, newsletter editors, and others who engage or operate in any enterprise related to Department 56 that is for commercial or personal profit. Associate Members have no vote, and may not be elected or appointed to a position in the NCC.

  3. Honorary membership may be granted to those persons who have exhibited outstanding support or contributions to the NCC. They shall have no vote and may not be elected or appointed to a position in the NCC. They shall be exempt from dues.
  1. All Memberships are subject to approval by the Board of Directors, hereinafter referred to as the Board, and are not transferable.

  2. To apply for membership, Clubs shall submit a Board approved application containing an agreement to abide by the NCC Purpose, the Bylaws, and any special rules or amendments adopted by the NCC thereafter.

  3. Member Clubs must be independent, self governing Collectors' Clubs with:

    1. duly elected officers.

    2. bylaws compatible with those of the NCC.

    3. at least ten (10) dues paying members.

    4. at least four (4) meetings per year.

  4. Clubs that are sponsored but meet requirements under (2) above may be approved as Member Clubs, hereinafter referred to as Clubs.
    Click here for Membership Club Application Form