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NCC President's Award

The NCC President's Award is a milestone award that will be presented annually, beginning with the organization’s 25th Anniversary. The award shall have a broad reach in an effort to recognize an individual, individuals or entity who through their selfless actions have left a permanent and positive imprint on the National Council of 56 Clubs, its Member Clubs and Department 56 collecting. Recipients may include Department 56 employees, NCC officers, Clubs, individual collector(s), Associate Members, retailers and the like. The award(s) shall be presented, publicly, at the gathering of the sitting President's choice.

2023 Presidents Awards

2020 Presidents award 1
Jeffery Kirchner (left), Anna McPherson (right)

As for the Presidents award winners Anna and Jeffery have done so much out front of the organization and behind the scenes. I cannot thank the two of them enough. They have put up with me and pushed me to be a better leader. It’s been a wild ride and I can’t think of two people I would rather have at the helm standing beside me. You make my job as president so much easier. It made me so happy to see how surprised you two were.

Brandon Taylor, NCC President

2022 Presidents Award
2022 Presidents award
Lisa Johnson - Department 56

2020 Presidents Awards
2020 Presidents award 1 Pete Baer

Pete kept the website humming along and was instrumental in setting up the registration and voting aspects of the Virtual Mini-Gathering.
2020 Presidents award 2 Judy Severance

Judy kept all of us connected with the NCC Club Connection and put together our marketing materials for our first-ever Virtual Mini-Gathering.

2019 Presidents Award
Barbara Lund
Barb Lund, Department 56

2018 Presidents Award
Lemon Drops
The Lemon Drop Committee of the Village Idiots and Brian and Spencer Young of City Lights (not shown)

2017 Presidents Award
Seegers McGowan
Melinda Seegers - Department 56 Harry and June McGowan - Dept. 56 Retirees