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The Sea of Galilee
The salinity (260-270 ppm) of the adjacent Dead Sea assures that it cannot support marine life, ergo… no fish
BUT with the use of ‘literary license’ I was able to transport the Sea of Galilee down from the north.



Rome ruled the land, and the sea.  A Roman ‘Bireme’ warship can be seen approaching the fishing fleet. 

Roman_Galleon_2.jpg           Roman_Galleon_1.jpg
A battle ready Bireme had two levels of oars. The battering ram on the bow was the most effective weapon.
The crew consisted of 50 to 80 oarsmen and a combat unit of 30 to 50 marines.
A blue “tower” at the stern was used as a platform for sharp shooting bowmen specialists.
Portable battle arm-shields hang on the sides of the warship.


Fishermen on the Sea of Galilee tend to their nets, teeming with fish.
A lonely seagull searchers for a free meal!
We made the sails on these (D56) fishing  boats from drawings of ancient biblical samples.
They are called  “Jesus Boats” because of the cross shaped mast which supports the sail.
One of them was salvaged near the Sea of Galilee in 1986



Fish leap from the water as the net is hauled in.

(To be continued…)