This is a day the lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!”

This day, the townsfolk go about their mundane chores with a measure of anxiety in their hearts. Joseph and Mary, heavy with child, search furiously for a place to stay this night. They had no reservations and the place was sold out! The little town is crowded with visitors. Some shop for souvenirs, others barter with caravan masters for gold, jewels, rugs, fur and raw materials.
(As an aside, the owner of a caravan did not travel with the caravan. He hired a caravan master to do the heavy lifting! )
But most visitors this day are strangers. They are here merely to take part in the census, as ordered by Rome. 
The small town is abuzz with people chattering about the strange light that has grown larger and brighter in the eastern sky, over the past few nights! Could this be the beginning of the Apocalypse” This had been predicted by the Roman Romulus, 680 years before the birth of Christ??? Fear was in the air!  Their fears were valid but misplaced. Two years hence, all two year old boys, living  in and around Bethlehem, would be slaughtered by king Herod! After all, Herod was the king of the Jews  and he feared the loss of his throne to the new borne “King of the Jews!  
Now where in the name of Zeus did I put those Daedalus & Icarus wings that I received as a Hanukkah present??”



Late in the evening, a woman haggles with a rug merchant over the price of this Persian rug.



He spent the past ten weeks or more, traveling thru the desert on a camel.
Now, this (horny) Caravan Master tries to ‘get lucky’ with a young Jewish ‘Shiksa’!

(Notice the ancient steps in the background)
The Styrofoam steps are made to appear ‘worn down’ by spraying them with yellow, then pink spray paint.
This eats away at the Styrofoam. Use a fan brush with acrylic “dolphin gray” paint to highlight the surface.





A Roman Centurion occupies (by force) an upscale villa in an affluent Bethlehem neighborhood..
In 2012 socialist America, this law is known as “eminent domain.”


(Stay Tuned…)