Holiday Cheer “And may God bless us all…everyone!“



LTOB II 2012 007.JPG

John has just returned from preaching for forty days & nights in the desert.
A crowd is enthralled by John the Baptist as he preaches from this mountain overlook
His small band plays soft background music behind him.
But, in the end, John was carried away with Jesus, and over this, he lost his head.
(Or was it the other way around? i.e. lost his head and then got carried away?)


LTOB 2012 004.JPG


A peddler, with his oxcart, pushes his way thru the crowded street.
(Sort of like driving through Times Square on new year’s eve!)
Meanwhile, in the background, this small peasant girl feeds her fathers’ ducks and geese.




Harvesting olives from the tree
An old man plucks olives as his son presses them into oil for food and lamp fuel. But they are mostly stored for trade.
In biblical times a large supply of oil was a sure sign of prosperity. It could be stored for six years or more!

In the background, a Roman guard rests (while on duty) near an archway that opens to the Sea of Galilee.
Beyond the archway, you get a glimpse of an ancient fisherman, prepping for his upcoming audition on “The Deadliest Catch”


See Y’all Tomorrow!