This is our last day at the Walt Disney Theme Parks. We WILL make the most of it.

When I type the phrase, “DISNEY COLLECTABLE” into Google, I get 11,500,000 results..
Think about th.. th.. th.. that”ELEVEN AND A HALF MILLION RESULTS”!

I believe that DISNEY  is the most sought after brand in the universe of COLLECTABLES.



Typhoon Lagoon
No Disney vacation would be complete without a trip to one of the two water parks.
Many years ago, a shrimp boat was tossed up by a typhoon. Water streams down the mountain into the ‘wave pool’ lagoon that formed below.
An ‘Ice Gater’ is having fun on his day off from his duties at Blizzard Beach! The  Animal Kingdom, “Kali River Ride” is just visible on the lower right.



Over 20 years in the making, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the largest animal theme park in the world !
Ride in an open sided safari vehicle thru the savanna . The track of the Kilimanjaro Safari Expedition is visible in the foreground. The “TREE OF LIFE” dominates the park and can be seen center rear. INSIDE of  the tree itself  is an AMAZING 3D SHOW, “It’s Tough To Be A Bug”…DO NOT MISS IT!



In  Adventure Land’s  Jungle Cruise Ride,  the river boat “ Congo Connie” (right rear)  simulates a steamboat trip
down the major rivers of Africa, Asia, and South America.  The ‘Jungle Ride’ was  Inspired by the film  “The African Queen” !

(The ‘Tree of Life’ appears on the left)


Adventurers glide past the “Safari Track” and here, the “’Tree Of Life’ on the lower right.


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From the animal kingdom it is a short ride to the MGM Studios.
On the lower right at MGM we see the world suspended above a tall white tower.
The globe slowly rotates beneath Mickey as he overlooks visitors entering the park.
The ‘Kermit ‘ hot air balloon hovers over “The Muppets 3D show. “Star Wars “and “Mulan”  movie sets are front row left.
The “Haunted Mansion” appears in the center, between the two monorail tracks.


Our ‘Statue of Liberty,’ Miss Piggy fountain, squirts a gusher of water into the air .
She stands above the illuminated pool near the entrance to the ‘Muppet Vision 3D Adventure’!

So Sorry.. but we have arrived at ..THE END.. of this Christmas Card!




I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight, “Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!”

“And may God Bless us all…everyone”!

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