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Golden Glow of Christmas Past, August 22 - 25, 2018
What is the Golden Glow of Christmas Past?

To quote the website: “Collectors and historians from around the world have come together to form the Golden Glow of Christmas Past, a wonderful non-profit organization focusing on the education and history of antique and vintage Christmas ornaments, lights and decorations. Founded in 1980 as a small group of like-minded Christmas light bulb collectors, our club has grown into an international organization that holds a large convention in a different city each summer.

The “Glow” focuses on Christmas items made or manufactured 40 years prior to the current year. So, this year our organization focuses on Christmas ornaments, lights, decorations and history prior to 1976. All are welcome to join, no matter what level of collecting or knowledge you have. Members of the Golden Glow of Christmas Past receive six bi-monthly issues of THE GLOW Magazine each year. Another benefit of membership is having access to our complete website, featuring wonderful articles, a searchable database of back issues of THE GLOW Magazine, member forums, a buy/sell marketplace and a virtual museum room featuring pictures of members’ collections of antique and vintage Christmas.

While the rest of the world has to spend 364 days without the joy of Christmas, at the Golden Glow of Christmas Past, every day is the most wonderful time of the year! So hang your stockings by the chimney with care, start picturing sugar plums and take stock of your wares. Christmas is here, no matter the season, making collector connections is plenty ‘o reasons.”

Their website is located at: https://goldenglow.org/. There currently is a sample issue of their magazine on the website: https://goldenglow.org/christmas-magazine/. They also have a very active Facebook site. You don’t have to be a member of the Golden Glow to view this site and ask questions about vintage Christmas items. Our NCC President (Richard Puckett) is thinking about purchasing an aluminum tree as a result of watching this site on Facebook. If you know of a tree that is available contact Richard.

So why are we writing about the Golden Glow in the Club Connection? In 2018 the early Snow Villages houses meet the 40 year and older age requirement. Cincinnati will be hosting the convention on August 22 - 25, 2018. Many of the individuals on the planning committee collect Department 56. The early Snow Village pieces will be displayed in the museum room with other vintage items. Newer Department 56 houses may be displayed “outside” the museum room. Only the museum room is restricted to the 40 year rule. We may even have a seminar and educate Glow members on how we make displays for our houses. Planning is currently in the early stages. According to our Queen City Villagers club president (Joe Meyers), there is no other village than Snow Village. Joe is also the leader of the Cincinnati Glow event.

Up til now the houses most represented at a convention are putz. The German word putz means something "to put". In German-American, it means "putter around." German-Americans have been setting up little villages for at least a century and a half. Once the houses come out of storage, family members would "putz around" with the pieces until they were "just right." We don’t do that with our villages do we?

The most common putz is made out of cardboard and decorated with sparkly materials and/or fake snow. They typically have cellophane windows that glow when you stuck a C6 light through a hole in the back. Putz houses are still made today. Anybody remember the wreath on the cover of Martha Stewart magazine a few years back?

Many Golden Glow members collect Department 56 but are not members of a club. Wouldn’t it be great if we could find some new club members at this convention? Maybe we could even convert some of the putz collectors and or vintage Christmas collectors to collect Department 56 villages.

Ellen Somerwill

NCC Secretary

Member of the Queen City Villagers

Chicago Gathering 

June 20 - 23, 2019
Fellow Villagers, We are pleased to announce that we have signed a contract to hold our Department 56 Gathering in 2019. The Gathering is to be held at the Cincinnati Airport Marriott on June 20 - 23, 2019. More information will follow in the near future. A special thanks goes out to Joe Meyers for all his hard work throughout the contract negotiations.

Sincerely, The QCV Gathering Team

June 21 – 28, 2020
Hello fellow D56 Collectors!!! My name is Anita Sanford and I am the president of the North Florida Village Collectors Club in Jacksonville, FL. Our club was started in November 1996. We have attended many gatherings over the years, particularly the ones that were held in Atlanta, Greenville, South Carolina, Fort Lauderdale and the Tampa area. Unfortunately the last D56 gathering in the southeast was in August 2007 in Clearwater. We have an opportunity to collaborate with the Train Collectors Association and do a joint gathering with them June 21 – 28, 2020. We have three gentlemen in our club that are also part of the train club. We discussed this collaboration last fall and over the last few months have gotten the Ok from the NCC President, Sue Chretien, to go forward with this event. Richard Walker, who is copied on this email is a member of our club as well as the train collectors club. He has been reaching out to many of the NCC folks and I have done the same. We want you and your clubs to be aware of this event and get it on your calendars. We are also asking for support for this venture. Our club has about 24 members. We are excited about this opportunity but know it’s a huge undertaking and we will definitely need the expertise of those that have participated in these events in the past. We would appreciate any response and/or suggestions you may have.

The good thing is the the Train Collectors Association has already secured the venue in Jacksonville, The Hyatt Hotel. They have a block of rooms reserved along with ballrooms. The train collectors typically run their conventions from Sunday to Sunday. During the first part of the week they will have many events scheduled including home tours of train collectors, tours of neighboring cities (St. Augustine and Fernandina Beach), a train ride to Orlando and many other activities that the D56 folks are more than welcome to participate in. Our event will probably run Thursday night – a Sunday morning farewell breakfast. We will have the market place, seminars, bingo and a banquet.

I look forward to hearing from you and will appreciate any suggestions, comments on the event, willingness to volunteer etc. My email is msan71082@bellsouth.net and my cell number is 904 662-6403. Please feel free to call or email me.

Happy Collecting!!!

Anita Sanford

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